HellaFresh 92' Galant On Steelies .


Long time no post? I'm back

I'm so busy, one of the biggest reasons : school. Anyway i'm posting about my s13 team burst nakamura's. Car is nearly comple still few things to do. Our team planning to one "coop" car. That car will be created with all members work.... 
Here le burst:

 As you can see i have new palms ingame, because i have GTX560DCII videocard. I still don't using SRT, im waiting HRT 1.4..
I will post more my project's soon.



BMW E36 M3 Sedan




Just Another Silvia... :)

It's WIP... 70% Finsihed



We still moving forward with the plan

New Team Burst S13 (Gytis-JDM) This car existing about one month, sorry i'm a bit lazy to post all my progress. 
These two photos are OUTDATED. As you can see s13 have bugs with wheel size and wrong rollcage color.. Anyway in other photo's you can see - it's fixed.

Then we have my D.Yoshihara's S-13. Sorry modifuker for using your pj and wheels :/, i still can't find any better pj, and wheels will be replaced with better one's soon. Big thanks to Scarface for this awesome bodykit, HQ exhaust and other parts <3.

And here some HD (1920x1080) photo's of 2 BURST cars by me (Gytis-JDM).

This is free's S-13, long time hidden, now almost done. I just wanted show this car.
Sometimes i'm beeing inactive, because of school, i don't have much free time. I still have one more project which is just WIP here photo from zmodeler : http://imageshack.us/a/img577/8444/s15dmax.png
EDIT: All of these car are WIP some of them can have major/minor bugs. If you spot something just write comment.




le Burst

HQ ;o. Wheels : 40k poly fbumper : 20k poly both fenders : 40+ poly

Thanks free for photo editing ;o.


S13 Much ?

This car is shit...

Was Trying to make Tandem Of Die S13 . : |


S13 ?

Just a random snap. Thanks free for pht editin'.


BNR'32 Released For Download

So i uploaded my old car BNR'32. No private parts in this car. Car created in 2011, fixed in 2012.


Tow Hook

Hello there. It's my second scratch made part with zModeler.

Take it if you like it.