StupidCrew S14


StupidCrew S14.


Rocket Bunny RX7

Dope stuff coming on friday. Check soon...


Mazda RX7 Rocket Bunny.

Will update, check soon. More dope cars to come...


PS13 Rocket Bunny.

Because we're Dope, and we do Dope shit.


S13 soon.

I don't know if anybody know this car, but this car is a Russians Failcrew team car, I want to make a replica, it's difficult because I didn't have good skill on zmodeler and photoshop, but with JDM Customs team help I can do it, this project need very much work, and I didn't have time, need work on the paint job, interior, engine, because the bodykit done, thanks to Scarface, and sorry my English, it's very bad and I know it, soon updates of this car.





Long time no post, so busy with school, and don't have much  time for modding.
As you can see it's my new project Nissan PS13.5. At first i will create stock one and may upload it. After i will create my own tuned version. Car is still WIP, have some minor bugs, but i think soon it will be completed. For now it took about 3 hours work with vertex'es. No credits because i created it on my own converted PS-13. :}